About us

Are you tired of the over crowded and impersonal fitness facility that forces you to reschedule your day just so you can workout when the gym is the least crowded? At Walt’s Health Club, we manage the sales of club memberships so there aren't long waits. You will be able to fit your workouts into your daily schedule, which will make you more consistent with your training and more successful achieving your fitness goals.

Our exercise rooms are enclosed for privacy and separated for a more comfortable environment for beginners as well as advanced.

Beginners are taken step by step through a personal program that starts out slow and easy, giving your body the proper amount of time to adapt to the exercises while learning how to use the equipment and execute your program all at no extra charge. That’s part of your membership at Walt’s Health Club and always has been.

So come in today or better yet call and make an appointment and talk to Walt and know you are taking the right first step to better your level of physical fitness.